About Linaes

Animals were chosen as a theme to draw because they have personality and character. It's written all over their face, you could say. They have folded patterns of skin outlining their noses, eyes, ears. A fluffy dog with lots of fur such as a Chow Chow doesn't have lots of lines on their face. A wrinkly, short-muzzled face pug does.

It's All in The EYES

The pattern of the eyes in each character design is created with a distinct curved 'U' type shape. This shape allows less attention focused around the eyes so more attention is centered on the key traits of each animal. For example, the nose of a Panda has a very specific shape like no other bear or animal. Thus its nose is its indicator for its identification.

Animal's Habitat

With the rise of the world population, constant airline travel, food shortages, etc, designers and marketers alike have become important practitioners for bringing attention to animal's needs and other important causes that absolutely require our help. Individual animal species are completely out of our peripheral view. Many species are endangered because of our unconscious blindess. Their livelihood is significantly jeopardized and at risk.

Why Superheroes?

Superheroes, they are evident from their characteristics ie: Ironman, Batgirl, Captain America and flash. They are known to shy away from public view behind masks to hide their true identity that favor skills that really stand out. They have strengths that overcome the adversity of injustice and personal tragedy. Hopefully we can try living up to their extreme courage.

Venture Partner

A Linaes image or new design can be used for your/a specific cause. Partnering with large corporations in an industry that utilizes resources from the earth. It's about bringing awareness to habitat protection and balance. It's about printing on sustainable clothing for people's awareness of consumer products. Maybe a sports brand to signify how animals use their own special techniques for survival. Just look at the type of athletic skills animals have. In many ways, they are much more interesting and better than us.